The Glam Truck Competition: How To Create Your Own Glamorous Semi

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They have antique car shows. There are modern car shows, and even futuristic model car shows. It does not stop there. There are "low rider" car shows, motorcycle shows, and even international vintage farm tractor shows. What you may not know is that there are also "glam truck" shows and competitions. These shows feature some of the most incredible semi trucks ever fashioned, purely for the "wow" factor to win a competition and a huge pile of money. If you would like to create your own glamorous semi and try your hand at competing, here is how to do it.

Check Out Used Freightliner Trucks for Sale

The best starting point is a used truck. Unless you are in the business of freight trucking and you intend to use this truck for business purposes, it does not behoove you to buy a brand-new truck to tear it down and build it up again. A used truck that is basic in appearance and runs effectively well is exactly what you want and need to get started on customizing a truck and entering one of these competitions.

Know That Chrome Is King

The trucks that win these competitions every year have a lot of beautiful chrome details. Better still, color your chrome a pretty and unusual metallic color, and judges will keep coming back to look at your truck. As for chrome elsewhere, get some chrome into the engine, chrome up the wheels, chrome the exhaust pipes, etc.. Make that vehicle shine with such brilliance that the judges will need sunglasses to look at it.

Get a Gorgeous Paint Job

A gorgeous paint job with some really fantastic details is also grounds for the winner's circle. Flames are common, so try to come up with something different. If you do not have enough creativity of your own, consult an auto body painter or a commercial designer to come up with a bunch of different designs that will really make your truck pop. Avoid anything really cliche, despite the fact that the colors in the design are really gorgeous. Most judges may like the colors, but flames and racing stripes are old news.

Soup Up the Engine and Clean It Out

You cannot take this truck into the competition with a dirty engine. Every bit of unnecessary grease, every dripping hose, and every blot of dust on the engine loses points. What the judges want to see is a beautiful truck that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. Put in a brand-spanking-new engine for starters, and then vamping it up will be even easier to do because you are already starting with a clean engine.

Don't Forget to Make the Cab's Interior Gorgeous

Too many glam truck newbies focus on the outside and the engine of the vehicle. They forget that the judges might want to check out the inside. Faux or real wood paneling, all-leather seats with extra cushioning, and a super-posh mattress in the back helps.

A cool sound system is also a good idea, since you are attempting to fit this truck to a trucker who is on the road several days a week, several hours each day. Whatever "glam" you can fit inside, that is what you should do. Just make sure it harmonizes with the exterior design.

Take Your Truck to a Competition

Advance registration for these events is always necessary, as they run out of space quickly for you to park your entry. Just think; you took a used Freightliner and turned it into this masterpiece. If you are lucky, you might even be able to sell it after the show for quite a nice profit. (Competition winners almost always sell to the highest bidder. In that case you could get all of your investment back, and then some, if you wanted to.)

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27 November 2017

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