Is It Worth It To Learn To Drive A Stick Shift?

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More and more cars are now built with automatic or continuously variable transmissions, eliminating the need to use a manual gear shift when driving. However, that doesn't mean that manual cars are no longer on the road. If you are about to send your child to driving school, you might want to consider opting for a module that teaches your teen to drive a manual transmission.

Just in Case

The real reason for having your child learn how to drive a manual transmission is that you just never know when he or she will need the skill. Maybe your teen will need to buy a cheap car, and the best one happens to be a stick shift. Maybe there is an emergency, and the only car available is a neighbor's car that has a manual transmission. Rather than forcing your teen to learn on the fly, get him or her the right training now.

Travel Travails

Automatic transmissions are more common in the United States because of both convenience and traffic—sometimes there's just too much going on around the car for the driver to also pay attention to what's going on inside the car on the gearshift console. But other countries haven't really followed in the United States' footsteps, and manual transmissions are much more common there. While they could always rent an automatic, if your teen decides to move abroad later in life, it will be a lot easier on him or her if driving a manual transmission vehicle is nothing new.

Car Cost

You will likely end up paying a little more to have your teen learn how to drive a manual transmission vehicle; after all, it's often offered as an addition to the regular driving course at many schools. However, manual transmission cars are often a lot cheaper than automatics or CVT cars. So you may have to deal with more money going out at the start, but eventually that investment can pay off.

Whether or not the manual transmission education is part of the main driving course varies from school to school. Call the ones in your area and see who offers what, as well as what exactly is taught. Some might offer short courses that get student drivers used to being behind the wheel while others have an entire driver's education program built around manuals instead of automatics. It won't take you long to find a program that your teen will like.


8 December 2017

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