Understanding Windshield Cracks


Windshield cracks seem like a common occurrence, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them. If you leave them alone, they're not going away, and they could get worse and obscure your vision. If that seems too esoteric, then learn about why the cracks get worse and why that is so bad. When you have an understanding of how a crack affects the practical operation and condition of the car, you also have a better understanding of why you need to take care of these cracks quickly.

Vibration Moves Glass and Pulls at the Damage

As you drive, your car vibrates. The tires run over bumps and seams in the road, and the vibrations from that spread throughout the car body even if you have great shocks and struts. The vibrations transfer into the windshield and can pull at the damaged area, often extending and expanding the crack. Very small cracks can be repaired, but if the glass cracks too much, you're looking at a replacement, which is more expensive and takes longer to complete.

Heat Damage Is Sudden

Another problem is heat. Once summer arrives and the heatwaves start up, your windshield can expand and contract along with the ebb and flow of the heat. That too pulls at the damaged area and can expand the damage. What's really bad about heat exposure, though, is that the damage is sudden. It's not a gradual lengthening of the crack; it's a wham-there-it-goes expansion. That's not safe to have glass act that way.

Obscured Sight Is Not Repairable

If any of that damage expands into the line of sight for the driver, you can forget about repairs. In most cases, states require replacing windshields where the damage is right in front of where the driver looks out. If anything else, get the windshield checked and repaired fast solely to avoid this problem.

Never Assume the Worst

The one bright spot in this is that, if the damage is still limited to a small area, it likely can be repaired. Windshield repairs are really easy; in fact, there are mobile services that will travel to where you are, so you can get the windshield taken care of at work on a break if needed. Don't assume that replacement is the only option until you have a windshield repair/replacement shop check out the damage -- just be sure you get the car checked out quickly.

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19 December 2017

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