Tired Of Waiting For Logistics Companies For Your Hauling Needs? Lease A Semi-Trailer For Your Business Today

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If you need heavy-duty equipment or items hauled frequently by a hauling company, or a trailer company because you don't have your own semi-trailer or driver, it may be time to make a change. Getting the services you need around your schedule can be difficult, and constantly paying other people to do the work you need to be done can be costly.

Instead, it may be time to get your own hauling semi. Here are some of the things to consider so your business can run more smoothly on your time.

Lease a Semi-Trailer

If you don't need a trailer all the time, but frequently enough that you have considered investing in one, a leasable semi-trailer may be a good option. This way you can keep your payments low, the lease company will handle all the mechanical work needed, and you will get a new semi-trailer.

Look at the cost of leases, along with the insurance required with the lease, so you know what the total monthly expense will be. Be sure to know the terms of the lease, like mileage allowance, customizing of the trailer, and more.

Train a Staff Member

Consider having a staff member trained and certified to drive the semi-trailer. This could be a small investment with a great advantage because you have someone that is ready to drive the trailer and pull what you need at any time.

Find Contracted Drivers

You can also look for drivers with the proper licensing that want to do some driving in their spare time. These could be drivers who run heavy snow plow equipment when the temperatures are cold, or that run construction equipment in the summer or months weather allows outdoor construction. They will drive your leased semi-trailer for you when needed.

Get Proper Insurance

Be sure to have all the proper insurance for the semi, especially if you have contracted drivers coming in and out to drive the vehicle. Talk with your insurance company about the protection of the value of the vehicle, what you’re hauling, and protection against liability. All of your contracted drivers should have their own type of insurance as well.

If you are always at the mercy of logistic companies in your area when you need to have items hauled from your business, and sometimes the wait sets you back for days, it's time to get your own semi-trailer. Start with a lease if you aren't sure what size and model will be best long term.

To learn more, contact a semi-trailer leasing service in your area.


12 January 2023

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