4 Brake Concerns Truck Owners Should Never Ignore

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FThe braking system is one of the most important parts of your truck. When the brakes have failed, you and every other driver on the road is at risk. Do you know the signs that point to brake failure? While the average driver knows that noise when braking is an indicator of concern, not everyone knows the other signs that are easier to look past. Learn some of the red flags you don't want to ignore.

Vibrating Sensation

When you apply your foot to the brake, you should not feel any feedback. If you feel a vibrating or pulsing sensation coming from the brake pedal, you have a problem on your hands. The vibration likely means that your rotor is severely worn. As you apply the brake, the pad is basically grinding up against the worn rotor and causing the sensation. A braking system in this condition has generally been in need of repairs for some time. 

Alignment Concerns

If your truck shifts to one side when you brake, this movement is also a cause for concern. Consider a car that sways to the left each time the brake is applied, for example. The car could be pulling to the left side because the brake caliper on one side of the vehicle may have failed. When the brake is applied, the pressure that the functioning caliper exerts will make the truck pull in the same direction. 

Spongy Pedal

Your brake pedal should not feel like an exercise to push, but it should also not be easy to press down to the floor. A pedal that is spongy and that doesn't have any resistance is a dangerous sign. A spongy pedal could indicate a failed brake cylinder. However, it could also mean that your truck is low on brake fluid. A mechanic will be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is to get you back on the road safely. 

Burnt Smell

You should also not recognize any smells when you're using your brakes, especially not a burnt smell. If you notice a burning smell, you need to immediately pull the truck over and stop driving. Contact a towing professional and have the truck transported to a repair shop. A burning smell is generally an indication of overheating. When the brakes overheat, so does the brake fluid. If the brake fluid gets too hot, the brakes could fail entirely. 

If your truck is showing signs of brake failure, it's essential you take the vehicle in for immediate repairs. Don't put your safety at risk just to avoid repairs. Contact a company like River's Truck Center for more information. 


4 July 2018

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