Nice Features to Have in an Enclosed Trailer

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You might think that an enclosed trailer seems like a really simple device. It's a box on wheels, right? Well, years ago this was true, but like most industries, the trailer industry has made great strides, and as a result, enclosed trailers now come with more features than ever before. If you're looking for a new enclosed trailer, here are some key features that you might find helpful.

A Ramp

Older enclosed trailers often had two doors that swung closed in the back. To load the trailer, you would need to bring a second ramp. Some trailers had an attached ramp that pulled out from beneath the floor. Today, however, you can find a lot of nicer trailers that have a ramps that fold up and form the bottom portion of the door. Then they have two top doors that swing shut. This style works really well since you never have to remember to bring a ramp along or worry that it will get stuck and not slide into the floor properly.

Aluminum Wrapper

Older trailers were made from steel with steel wrapping. Now, the better trailers are made with aluminum wrapping. You still want a frame that is made from steel because steel is more durable, but the aluminum wrapper won't rust, so it will look nice for a lot longer. Plus, the aluminum weighs less, so you can pull the trailer with a smaller truck. (This could save you a fortune, since the heavier trucks not only cost more, but also use more gas.)

Ceiling Fans

Some enclosed trailers do not have any vents in the top. Others do have vents, and still others have a fan in the ceiling for even better ventilation. If at all possible, you want to buy a trailer with a fan. This will allow airflow into the trailer even when it is standing still. If you only have vents, they tend not to allow much airflow in unless the trailer is moving to drive air down through the vents. The trailer can still get really hot and stuffy when it's sitting still. If you have a fan, you can better protect the trailer's contents when it is parked.


Some trailer manufacturers have started to build trailers with V-nose fronts. This feature allows the trailer to break through the air more easily. The V-shape pushes air to the side, whereas a trailer with a flat front faces much more air resistance. Not only is a trailer with a V-nose easier to pull, but it will result in greater fuel efficiency since your trailer is creating less air resistance than the truck needs to pull against. 


Every state has somewhat different requirements for trailers when it comes to brakes. In most states, trailers do not legally need to have brakes if they weigh less than 3,000 pounds. Regardless of what the regulations state, however, trailers are safer when they have their own brake system—even if the trailer is below the weight at which brakes are required. A trailer with brakes will stop faster than one without. It's also easier on your truck's brakes for you to drive a trailer with its own braking system. Most newer enclosed trailers do have brakes, regardless of weight, but this is something to look at closely if you're buying an older, used trailer.

Buying an enclosed trailer can be a bit overwhelming, but if you find one with all of the features listed above, you can be pretty confident it is a good choice. Reach out to a trailer manufacturer or dealer of enclosed trailers for sale for more information.


11 June 2019

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